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We’re looking forward to see you back in September!

Registration all year long.

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Group Lessons

From 290€ for 12 weeks, Evening or Morning.
Min 4 to max 8 students.
Contact for a free evaluation.

We will answer to your email requests during the holiday periods.

A unique school

The French school CEFR has always been a small and cozy school. One of our main concerns is to provide our students with the feeling of learning in a home rather than in a school.
Making them happy to come and learn French despite French difficulties! This unique touch makes CEFR style so special.

Helping you to speak French as soon as possible!

Starting with the very first lesson, you will speak French and we will speak French with you! We use our own material and we adapt it to our students needs, because you are all different French language learners.

A customized program

cefr-fotoshoot-3324The CEFR finds it important that you advance at your own pace, while progressing significantly. This is why we propose a learning method suited to your abilities and availability.

The CEFR works with 5 different teaching levels of French, from beginners to advanced learners, and with 3 different types of intermediate levels in between. You will be accompanied and supported throughout the entire time of your training.

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See our school

Discover our pictures and some of our students’ opinions!

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CEFR teachers aim to teach you speak French fluently and correctly.
We want you to be proud of your own progress. Our best ad is your recommendation!

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