Why should you choose the CEFR French school?


Our centre is the oldest private French language school for adults in Brussels. The founders of the school developed some innovative techniques and tried to integrate new elements to make French learning and teaching more effective.

They used their creativity, dynamism, enthusiastic personality and professional work attitude to establish a fun and inspiring school environment.

One of their main goal was to create an atmosphere where students feel at home surrounded with friends rather than in a school. Their aim was also to encourage students to come happily and learn French despite the difficulties of the language!

Up until today our professors teach French by adapting this philosophy.

The great majority of our students find us by recommendation of previous students: Visit our Facebook page and see some of their comments!

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Our Centre offers: private, semi-private, group sessions and also lessons on Skype.

The groups consist 6-8 students on average. Our aim is to provide for everyone an individualised French learning environment, with the best personal attention a student needs to learn and practice French.

We encourage all of our students from the very beginning to speak French and we also speak only French with you. We believe that this method gives you the confidence to speak French outside of the school as well.

Nina Marichal

Directrice of CEFR: Nina studied law and than decided to rather work as a teacher in her parents French school for 10 years. She really enjoyed her profession so when she  moved she continued teaching French for another 12 years in the south of France in a residential center.

After 22 years of teaching Nina was looking for new some challenges, so she studied 4 years psycho pedagogy at the Toulouse University. In 2007 when she returned to Brussels, she took over the family business from her parents and she still enjoys teaching French today at CEFR!

We provide


the following things:

  • Individual evaluation test
  • Correction of your written exercises
  • Certificate at the end of your session
  • Holiday friendly planning (see rules)
  • Material, except for a 10€ workbook
  • No registration fees
  • Coffee, tea and lots of fun 😉



Our rules



Must be made 24 working hours prior to the lesson.

12 weeks contract = 1 absences accepted

Inform us as soon as possible that you are going to be absent and for how many sessions. In any case, no reimbursement will be made, but we will do our best to find a solution. Thank you for your understanding.





CEFR has been or is currently working with:

The European Parliament, Jacobs Suchard, Digital, Exxon, Ikea, Kemira, US West, Hennes Mauritz, Federal Express, NATO, Bempac, Sasco Trading, Alcatel, Volvo, Reuters, Cooper & Lybrand, Trelleborg Finance, Diamant Board, Siemmens, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Generaly, …
Many diplomatic missions: Sweden, Norway, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Paraguay, New Zealand, Italy, Denmark, Australia, U.K., Philippine, Slovenia, Azerbaïdjan, Brazil, …