Our courses – private lessons

To respond to your needs

in the most effective way on a one-to-one frame.
Helps also to achieve specific objectives (professional, vocabulary, preparation for exams…).
We will adapt the program to your goals. During the free evaluation, we decide together the schedule, the rhythm, the program.
You can cancel our appointment 24h before and reschedule the next meeting (24h before).

This is the most effective method if you work a lot, travel a lot and need a flexible course.

Flexible schedule
From 8.30 am to 8.30 pm

Information and registration:
+32 (0) 2 344 15 15

Flexible shedule:

60 € / 50′ (tax incl.)

One lesson lasts 50 minutes


It’s possible to take courses in groups and receive private lessons.

You create your group and keep the flexibility


2 Students

30 € / 50′ per pers. (tax incl.)

Flexible schedule

3 or 4 students

25 € / 50′ per pers (tax incl.)

Flexible schedule

More than 5 students

12.5€ / 50′ per pers. (tax incl.)

Flexible schedule